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We all make judgments.

Whether about race, gender, religion, economic or cultural background, we observe others in society and use these judgments to build up our own sense of identity. It’s part of what makes us human.

But sometimes, these judgments become prejudices.

Sometimes, these judgments become dangerous.

Through films that celebrate Asia's diversity, ExtremeLives meets all kinds of people at a crossroads in their lives: wrestling inner demons, coming to terms with shifting social demands, and learning how to define themselves in an increasingly chaotic world.

On topics like racism, extremism, and identity, our storytelling provokes conversation, initiates reflection, and resets social labels.

What we do



Creative short films on people who have overcome adversity against the odds.


YouTube and social media influencer sponsorship for social impact content.


Interactive events challenging youth to reflect on their own biases.

Where we work

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