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On the horizon.

Moving on into 2022-23, ExtremeLives will continue to evolve and grow. Using data from previous seasons, the strategy around content development will be refined, and a collaboration with digital intelligence analysts will provide the foundations for a more rigorous impact assessment. Videos will be integrated into an educational tool for schools, universities and youth clubs; a huge opportunity to provide an offline method of dissemination. New partnerships fostered will help to build on in-house knowledge of counter-messaging and provide opportunities for wider dissemination.


UN Women

UN Women will be coming on board to coordinate at least one video in the Philippines and to provide consultation on gendered narratives.



A new season of videos is also being developed, this time focusing once more on the Southeast Asia Region.



A guide for educators and youth leaders on integrating the ExtremeLives project into learning and class debate.

Chain of islands in Baa Atoll 🏝🌴_edited.jpg


Working with SecDev to conduct an eco-systems mapping exercise to assess key trends to help design the next season.



Developing a key partnership with Google to provide consultations on audience retention and YouTube content.



Using data from previous seasons to provide insights into the project strategy, with support for Oxford Internet Institute.

The ExtremeLives team is always on​ the lookout for new partnerships and connections on our journey to develop a more inclusive and peaceful future for the Asia region. 


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